Monday, December 17, 2007

Tea Party 2007 - A Day for the record books

The campaign's still crunching numbers, but it looks like they've raised $6 million.
I've put up an animated summary of the day here.

...$6 million!!!

12/21/07: number updated to the official press release total


Ray said...

Mark my words: Your animated summary will be used on broadcast television, perhaps several times.

Great idea!

Leo said...

that was the idea :)

ottergoose said...

Good job with the graphs.

Kudos to everyone who donated yesterday... should be a big news day for Ron Paul today.

Vincent said...

I'm just excited to see how they try and justify this as cheating or insignifficant. I can see it now: "Ron Paul hackers break into bank and steal 6 million dollars, experts and witnesses say Ron Paul campaign is little more then a laundering organization."

Jonathon said...

When will we know for certain weather we broke the all-time record or not? I still have not seen any press release yet. In the press release by Ron Paul, he said the record to beat was 5.7 million, but Wikipedia said the record to beat was 6.2 million?

"The one-day fundraising record among 2008 presidential candidates is said to be held by Hillary Rodham Clinton, for raising $6.2 million on June 30, 2007.[9][28] However, this conflicts with Clinton's reporting of receipts of $8,279,931.98 for that date, the last day of the second quarter.[29]"

So which is the correct number? 5.7 or 6.2? And did we beat it? Can anyone show any concrete numbers?!

Mohamed said...

Well considering that the total initially was at about 11.6 million (, I'd say at least 6.3-6.4 million were raised, and that's assuming that the offline donations haven't been added yet.

james said...

What is up with the crash today? Where did all the money go?