Thursday, January 31, 2008

Site updates

I've added a new donor and percent new donor graphs.
Don't take the % new donors one too seriously, since it's got a margin of error of 10-15% from the smoothing I do on the donation rates (which I'm too lazy to address at the moment), and it can be way off when the campaign bumps up the new donor count by some unexpected amount not corresponding to the donation rate (perhaps representing offline donors...)


Stan D. said...

Great! I have been hand computing this number since december and never had it gone above 50%. My average was 40% although last night to went to 33% new. I hope your right!!

How about a million new donors sending a $10+ to Dr. Paul!!! that would be fun to watch.

I visit daily, enjoy your graphs and wish you success.

mike d. said...

Hey, approximate or perfect, the percent new donor graph is a real inspiration. You do great work. Thank you very much!